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Academics: Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies
Kathleen Long

The Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies graduate minor attracts students from humanities fields such as English, Comparative Literature and Theater, as well as students in Anthropology, History, Development Sociology and Education, to name a few. This flexible minor invites any Cornell graduate student interested in the study of women, gender, and sexuality to craft a personalized program of interdisciplinary study in areas such as feminist ideologies and cultures, institutions and societies, history, literatures and arts, psychology and human development, and biological sciences.

The requirements vary according to the student’s need and desires in shaping his or her own academic program. Students should take the following steps:

- select a member of the Graduate Field in FGSS to serve on his/her special committee.
- complete an application and return it to the FGSS office, 391 Uris Hall.

Course requirements will vary according to each case and the judgment of the field faculty member. Upon completion of course objectives and graduate degree requirements, the student will be awarded a FGSS Graduate Minor Certificate. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies Program also offers a graduate minor. Complete an application and return it to 391 Uris Hall.

Contact the Graduate School for more general information on graduate life at Cornell.

Benefits of the Graduate Minor
The strength of the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies graduate minor lies in its flexibility. The absence of strict requirements allows students to establish their own programs according to their own interests; it also allows them the opportunity to become familiar with interdisciplinary methodologies and theories such as feminist ideologies and cultures, institutions and societies, history, literatures and arts, psychology and human development, and biological sciences. This expansive set of course offerings is possible thanks to the experience and interest in gender issues of Cornell professors from varying disciplines who cross-list and teach their classes through the FGSS Program.

FGSS graduate minors also receive information regarding jobs, workshops, lectures, films, seminars, plays, book readings, conferences, discussion groups, and the like, and offers awards for graduate students whose dissertation will focus on feminist, gender, or sexuality studies related issues.

A Feminist Studies Colloquium, organized by graduate students and funded through the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, has invited leading scholars to present new work at Cornell and to engage informally with graduate students' own research; past visitors have included Lisa Lowe, Robyn Wiegman, Rey Chow, and Miranda Joseph.

The LGBT Studies Colloquium, also organized by graduate students, brings together students from diverse graduate fields to share work-in-progress with one another, to pursue more sustained and intimate conversations with visiting scholars, and to discuss LGBT issues in teaching and professional life. Recent guests to the Colloquium include Thomas Glave and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.




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