Amajor strength of the Society has long been its collegiality and community of scholarship, which is nowhere more manifest than at conferences. Each November, the Society's own annual conference draws both renowned names and renowned names-to-be to Georgetown University. The format of presentations ensures that all papers can be heard by all conferees without conflict. Typically, the Q&A which follows then spills out into the coffee and tea breaks around the book displays.

Each year the Society presents the Denis Bethell Award, named for the beloved Anglo-Norman historian of University College, Dublin, to the author of the best short paper presented by a society member or at a society-sponsored panel. In addition, since 1999 the Thomas Keefe Fund has helped to defray the expenses of graduate students presenting papers at the November conference.

In addition, Society members naturally are a strong component of the quality papers presented at the Battle Conference, given the confluence of interests. Traditionally, the Society has sponsored multiple sessions at the international medieval meetings held in Kalamazoo, USA, and Leeds, UK, each year. The last few years have also seen highly successful day conferences sponsored in September at the Institute of Historical Research in London.

Links to all these conferences, plus others of interest to the Society's members are clickable above.
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