Dear Member or Friend of the Haskins Society:

We invite you to renew your membership for 2008 or to join the Society if you are not a member. We have three levels of membership: student, regular, and sustaining. All members for 2008 will receive our informative newsletter, The Anglo-Norman Anonymous, and volume 20 of the Journal of the Haskins Society, which will be mailed to 2008 members about 12-18 months after it has been edited and published. For an additional payment (deadline for receipt of this is June 30, 2008) members can also receive the proceedings of the annual Battle Conference, Anglo-Norman Studies (volume 30) at a special Haskins Society discount. Our dues are denominated in US dollars, British pounds sterling, and Japanese yen. The amounts are listed on the membership form accessible above.

To honor the memory of Thomas Keefe, one of our founding members who passed away at a tragically early age, the Haskins Council established the Keefe Memorial Fund. Members are invited to contribute any amount they wish to this fund, which will be used for travel stipends for graduate students traveling to the annual Haskins Society conference to present papers. A separate line appears on the membership form for this purpose.

Dues payments in US dollars: If you reside in North America and/or wish to pay in US dollars, please send a check payable to "Haskins Society" to Professor Frederick Suppe at the address given on the form above.

Dues payments in British pounds: If you wish to pay in British pounds, please send a check payable to "Haskins Society" to our British Associate Treasurer, Ms. Claire Dutton, at the address listed on the form.

Dues payments in Japanese yen: If you wish to pay in Japanese yen, please contact our Japanese Associate Treasurer, Dr. Kenji Yoshitake, at the address listed on the form.

Dues payments in other currencies:

If it is very difficult for you to pay in one of these currencies, you may send a check or money order in another currency equivalent to the appropriate amount in US dollars at the current rate of exchange. (PLEASE ADD THE EQUIVALENT OF US$5.00 TO COVER THE COSTS OF CURRENCY CONVERSION.) Staring in 2002, our European members may pay dues in Euros. If you wish to do this, take the dues amount in US dollars, add US$5 for currency conversion, and multiply this amount by the current rate of exchange for dollars and euros to determine the amount of the check in euros. Please send an international check which is drawn on a US bank! Our treasurer cannot deposit regular domestic European checks.

Please make sure to indicate on this membership form the mailing address at which you wish to receive all Haskins materials, including the Haskins Journal and Anglo-Norman Studies. If your mailing address should change, please notify me immediately of your new address and the date from which it will be effective. Occasionally some Haskins members have not received their copies of our journal or of Anglo-Norman Studies because they had not informed me about an address change and these items were therefore sent to an old address and not forwarded.

Membership correspondence and queries should be directed to me at the postal address or e-mail address given on the membership form.

—Frederick Suppe, Haskins Society Treasurer

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