Conference in Honor of Joseph E. Stiglitz

Columbia University, October 24-25, 2003


Richard Arnott, Bruce Greenwald, Ravi Kanbur and Barry Nalebuff

This conference looked ahead to the challenges that economics and economic policy would face in the first decades of this new century. Distinguished economists and policy makers assembled to take stock of the lessons learned in the past 25 years, and to set an agenda of research and analysis for the next 25.

The conference was held to mark the 60th birthday of Joe Stiglitz, the winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, and the presentation to him of a Festchrift, "Economics for an Imperfect World: Essays in Honor of Joseph Stiglitz" (MIT Press, 2003), by his students, teachers and co-authors. The themes of the conference reflected Joe's significant contributions to economic analysis and policy. There were four sessions on economic analysis ("Imperfect Information", "Macroeconomics", "Public Economics" and "Development and Transition") and two sessions on economic policy ("US Economic Policy" and "Managing Globalization").

Full Conference Program

Selected Presentations
Conference Introduction: Ravi Kanbur
Philippe Aghion
Kenneth Arrow
Tony Atkinson
Timoth Besley
Alan Blinder

Avinash Dixit
Jeffrey Frankel
James Galbraith
Ravi Kanbur
Alicia Munnell
Barry Nalebuff
Edmund Phelps
Patrick Rey
Dani Rodrik
Michael Rothschild
Paul Samuelson
Eytan Sheshinski
Robert Solow
Juan Somavia