Cornell University is a world leader in research on poverty, inequality and development. Its faculty and graduate students conduct theoretical, empirical and policy oriented research across a wide range of disciplines and geographical locations.

The Poverty, Inequality and Development initiative at Cornell University ran for a decade, 2000-2009. Its objective was to provide a platform to link research across units at Cornell, and to project this research on to a global stage.

The vehicle for achieving this objective was support for conferences on Poverty, Inequality and Development, primarily from the social sciences perspective, but also touching on humanities and law. The conferences supported by PID are listed below. They include conferences on Social and Economic Mobility, Language and Poverty, Poverty in Medieval Times, Transgenics and the Poor, Public Finance and Development, Law and Development, and a conference to mark the 75th birthday of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.

PID was also an experiment in modalities for cross-Cornell collaboration in the social sciences. Many of the lessons learnt from the experiment have now been institutionalized in the new Cornell Institute for the Social Sciences.

Conference: Cornell University/London School of Economics: Inequality--New Directions; Ithaca, NY, September 11-13, 2009.

Conference: Development, Freedom and Welfare: A Conference in Honor of Amartya Sen, New Delhi, December 19-20, 2008.

Conference: Cornell Conference on Medieval Poverty, March 28-30, 2008.

Conference: Cornell Conference on International Development, September 15-16, 2007.

Conference: Infectious Diseases in Poor Countries, Spetmber 8-9, 2007.

Conference: AERC-Cornell Conference on Bottom-Up Interventions and Economic Growth in Africa, May 31 and June 1, 2007

Conference: Cornell Conference on The Ethics of Globalization and Development, September 29-30, 2006.

Conference: Religious and Social Fragmentation and Economic Development in South Asia, October 15-16, 2005.

Conference: The Cornell Conference on Language and Poverty, October 14-16, 2005.

Conference: Cornell/SEWA/WIEGO Conference on Membership Based Organizations of the Poor, Ahmedabad, India, January 17-21, 2005.

Conference: Ethics, Globalization and Hunger, November 17-19, 2004

Conference: Cornell/Toronto: Q-Squared in Practice: A Conference on Experiences of Combining Qualitative and Quantiative Methods in Poverty Appraisal, University of TorontoMay 15-16, 2004

Conference: Second Cities in a Global World. May 7-8, 2004

Conference: 75 Years of Development Research. May 7-9, 2004

Conference: The Practice of Law and Development: Socio-Legal Approaches. April 18-20, 2004

Conference: Transgenics and the Poor: Science, Regulation and Development Strategy. November 7-8, 2003

Conference: Poverty, Inequality and Development: A Conference in Honor of Erik Thorbecke. October 10-11, 2003

Conference: Reconciling Rural Poverty Reduction and Resource Conservation: Identifying Relationships and Remedies. May 2 - 3, 2003

Conference: Lusophone Africa: Intersections between the Social Sciences. May 2-3, 2003.

Conference: Globalization, Agricultural Development, and Rural Livelihoods. April 11-12, 2003.

Conference: Frontiers in Social and Economic Mobility. March 27-29, 2003

Conference: Democratic Reform in Africa: Impact on Governance and Poverty Alleviation. October 24, 2002.

Conference: Rethinking Labor Market Informalization: Precarious Jobs, Poverty, and Social Protection. October 18-19, 2002.

The India Economy Conference. April 19-20, 2002.

Conference: Conceptual Challenges in Poverty and Inequality. April 16-17, 2002.
Final Program is here.

Conference: Women and Higher Education in Africa: Engendering Human Capital and Upgrading Human Right to Schooling. March 28-30, 2002.

Conference : Moving Targets: Displacement, Impoverishment, and Development. November 9-10, 2001.

Conference: Macroeconomic Stability, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ghana: Second Workshop--The Research Agenda. October 27, 2001

Proceedings of The Noguchi Workshop: Macroeconomic Stability, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ghana, A Contribution to the National Economic Forum. Accra, May 10-11, 2001

Cornell/ISPE Conference: Public Finance and Development. September 7-9, 2001.

Conference Proceedings: "Qual-Quant: Qualitative and Quantitative Poverty Appraisal--Complementarities, Tensions and the Way Forward".

Conference: Global Tensions. March 9-10, 2001.


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