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Welcome to the TRACES website

TRACES is a multilingual series of books providing an international space for cultural theory and translation to be practiced and discussed from disparate sites. CurrentlyTRACES publishes in four language editions (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean) and every essay is available in all the languages of the series.

Background on the purpose of TRACES, and the vision of those who have created it, can be found under About Traces in the menu at the left. See also the list of Editorial and Advisory Collective members from around the world that have worked to make this vision of a multilingual publication a reality. In addition you will find a list of the publishers who are printing TRACES in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean as well as English.

Information about specific issues can be found under the next three menu items, including their Tables of Contents.

TRACES can be ordered online. Volume One in English, and English-speakers' orders for all volumes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, can be placed with our editorial office at Cornell University. Click on How to Order and Traces from Cornell for an order form.

Orders for the English version of Volume Two and all subsequent volumes can be placed through Hong Kong University Press and their worldwide distributors. Click on How to Order and Traces in English to find the appropriate contact information.

We are grateful for your interest in TRACES and hope you will make use of our website to learn more about us.

  For a welcome from our Founding Editor, click here.

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TRACES 5 is now available